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Educational Center

Modern format for education, dialogue and knowledge sharing.

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Our history
Dental Space educational center was established in 1996 and based on “Avanto” advanced dentistry clinics. “Avanto” clinics differ by high European level and 25 years’ experience in modern dental medicine. We offer our colleagues an opportunity to receive practical and theoretical knowledge in various areas of modern dentistry.

“Dental Space” educational center (till 2016 – “Avanto” educational center) was created in 1996. The main reason to form such an educational center was the situation in the mid-1990s in dental and educational areas in our country. It is about an intensive development of the dental technologies on the one hand, and an essential lack of our doctors’ knowledge and ineffective educational process on the other.

To support young dentists and skillful colleagues in their striving to obtain high-quality knowledge, the management of our clinics decided to create an educational center marked with a new format.

In the late 1990s the key employees of our center had held major Eastern European conferences involving foreign lecturers and our specialists. Time later our educational center was focused on the more chamber events, master-classes and trainings in small groups.

All this time not only approach to training was developing, but also – advanced dental technologies, the protocols of treatment, clinical experience and knowledge have been collected. During our 20-years history we have trained more than 5000 colleagues, and we are grateful to each person who entrusted us his time.

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Our philosophy
The philosophy of “Dental Space” educational center is based on the opinion that modern dentistry cannot exist without the use of the advanced technologies and results of innovative world achievements, and constant professional improvement.

The purpose of Dental Space: We would like to create the most comfortable, available and effective platform for education, dialogue and knowledge sharing among the colleagues and leading lecturers in advanced dentistry area.

Our Mission: To support our colleagues-dentists in their professional improvement, to propose an opportunity to obtain valuable theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Our Result: A highly-qualified doctor who enjoys his work and uses successfully the advanced methods and treatment protocols.

We believe in what we teach our colleagues.

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Our format
Dental Space – is a dental educational center of the next generation. Our professionals do their work with love. Visiting our dental trainings and master-classes you will discover a lot of new, interesting and important things, which will be appreciated immediately by your patients.
  • “Dental Space” educational center is not strictly academic. We would like to share with you not only the theory, but also our clinical experience and knowledge in the advanced dentistry area; 
  • The trainings in our center are held by the doctors from “Avanto” advanced dentistry clinics and other famous specialists which were educated in the best educational centers of Western Europe and have a unique experience in various areas of dental treatment; 
  • Dental master-classes are based on a the practical experience and approved clinical results accumulated during more than 20 years’ experience of “Avanto” advanced dentistry clinics. Our lecturers don’t not only share with you their successful results but also tell about their past failures; 
  • During some of trainings you will have an opportunity to see the demonstration with the patient or to practice your skills with the use of phantoms; 
  • Dental trainings in our center are held in small groups (from 4 to 15 persons – it depends on course specialization) which essentially increases the effectiveness of educational process;
  • Dental master-classes are held with the use of the present innovative technologies, equipment, optical systems and instruments used successfully in various areas of modern dentistry.
Україна, 04071, м.Київ, Подільський район
вул. Костянтинівська, 22/17-А
Графік роботи:
09:00 – 18:00 без вихідних

Інформацію уточнюйте у менеджерів Навчального центру.

Як дістатися

Метро – Контрактова площа, пішки по вул. Костянтинівській в сторону кінотеатру Жовтень. Вхід в “кінематографічну” арку.

Автомобіль – заїзд до центрального входу навчального центру здійснюється з вул. Костянтинівській через «кінематографічну» арку. Також є можливість залишити машину на стоянці біля скверу по вул. Ярославський.

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