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Hygiene and Periodontics

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1 day 3000 UAH

Professional hygiene is an important part of periodontal disease treatment and at the stage of management of patients after dental implantation. Study the skills of innovative diagnosis of periodontal tissues with the use of Florida Probe and Pa-on computerized periodontal probing and charting systems; discover Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy, and various kinds of ultrasonic systems. Share experience of management of patients after dental implantation. Dental hygiene classes.

1 day 3500 UAH

Discuss the most effective methods of the diagnosis of various forms of periodontal diseases in process of comprehensive periodontal treatment. Discover the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma therapy, the algorithms of curettage, laser periodontal therapy, photodynamic therapy and Vector-therapy; an integrated approach to a stable occlusion for periodontitis patients. This course includes detailed analysis of clinical cases, demonstration of periodontal treatment with the patient, and practicing of manual skills using phantoms and led by lecturer.

1 day 3500 UAH

Vector-therapy is an effective method of periodontal treatment. Discover the most important features of Vector device. Analysis of clinical cases and demonstration of periodontal treatment with the patient. Study the algorithm and the method of Vector-therapy with the practice of manual skills using phantoms and led by lecturer.

1 day 3000 UAH

Therapeutic and surgical opportunities of the use of lasers in periodontics. Features of the laser application on oral tissues, the mechanism of application; the aspects of the use of diode laser in periodontal treatment. The course includes the protocols of planning and correct sequence of comprehensive periodontal treatment with the use of various methods (laser therapy, photodynamic therapy, Vector-therapy, ultrasonic systems). The analysis of the clinical cases.

1 day 3500 UAH

New opportunities for periodontal prevention and periodontal diseases treatment with the use of PRF method in usual periodontal practice. Discover the methods of obtaining plasma (PRP, PRF); selection of the test tube and centrifuge; the algorithm of IPRF procedure, and A-PRF in oral surgery and implantation. Analyses of clinical results of IPRF injection. Course includes the demonstration of PRF method with the patient.

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09:00 – 18:00 seven days a week

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How to get there

By metro – Kontraktova Ploscha, walk Konstantynivska street towards Zhovten Cinema; entrance to “cinematic arche”.

By car – you can get to the entrance of educational center from Konstantynivska street through the “cinematic arche”. You also can place the car in the parking placed near public garden at Yaroslavska street.