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Srbui Ambartsumian

Srbui Ambartsumian
Dental Surgeon

Member of Ukrainian Society of Periodontists.
Member of Society of Laser Dentistry of Ukraine.
Dentist-Periodontist in “Avanto” advanced dentistry clinics.
Lecturer in “DSpace” educational center.

  • Graduated — from National Pirogov Memorial Medical University
  • Specialization — Dental Surgery
  • Work Experience — 10 years
Professional in the following areas:
  • Digital dental diagnosis, and diagnosis of periodontal tissues “Florida Probe”;
  • Surgical periodontal treatment: curettage, gingivoplasty, flap surgery, lips and tongue frenulum-plasty;
  • Dental splinting;
  • Professional dental hygiene;
  • Professional teeth cleaning: removing of soft dental sediments and surface stains (removing of dental plaque) with the use of the ultrasonic apps and AIR FLOW cleaning;
  • Gingivitis and periodontitis treatment;
  • Periodontal treatment: Vector-therapy, photodynamic therapy and laser therapy;
  • Teeth remineralization: teeth enamel repair and caries protection;
  • Laser teeth whitening;
  • Professional dental hygiene lessons;
  • Selection of correct oral hygiene items.
Ukraine, 04071, Kyiv, Podolsky district
Konstantinovskaya street, 22/17-A
Schedule of work:
09:00 – 18:00 seven days a week

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How to get there

By metro – Kontraktova Ploscha, walk Konstantynivska street towards Zhovten Cinema; entrance to “cinematic arche”.

By car – you can get to the entrance of educational center from Konstantynivska street through the “cinematic arche”. You also can place the car in the parking placed near public garden at Yaroslavska street.

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